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SAPTeethTM is a group of highly specialized polymers; specially made to protect the bone, implant, or natural tooth. Research shows that ceramic, porcelain, Ni-Cr, and Zirconia teeth exert about 24 to 149 times more stress on bone as compared to SAPTeethTM. This difference is due to the shock absorbing capability of these polymers. Therefore, in patients with weak bone or low calcium, SAPTeethTM are recommended over conventional prosthesis. The best part of these is that they are customized to perfectly re-create your smile. And, that too in a matter of few hours.

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Reduce the risk of damage to your teeth

Choose SAPTeethTM over Other Materials

The best part of SAPTeethTM is that they are customized to perfectly re-create your smile. And, that too in a matter of a few hours. They are low maintenance and do all things which traditional metal, ceramic, and zirconia couldn’t.

Choose SAPTeeth over Other Materials

No Harm Dental Crown

Your Dental Prosthesis without Harm

Your Dental Prosthesis without Harm

The most advanced material for the crowns is called SAPTeethTM. They exert less stress on the bone, due to their shock-absorbing properties.

Polymer Crowns Protect Bone from Stress

Polymer Crowns Protect Bone from Stress

SAPTeethTM is specially made to protect the bone, implant, and natural teeth under the prosthesis. They exert 24 to 149 times more shock absorbing than the traditional ceramic, zirconia artificial teeth.

Smile with SAPTeethTM

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Protect your jaw with a 24 to 149 times reduction in load when compared ceramic zirconia.
No need to wait for months to get a new smile; get SAPTeethTM smile in one day.
Repair is simple and easy and can be completed in few minutes.
SAPTeethTM is more than 9X times lighter than the conventional artificial teeth.

Characteristics of Advanced SAPTeethTM

History of SAPTeethTM

1980's: The Acrylic Ruled
  • Very high wear and tear functionality
  • May turn yellow over few years
  • Only indicated as a temporary material or in dentures
1990's: Rising Metal Crowns
  • Gold, chrome-cobalt were commonly used
  • Strong but aesthetics are artificial
  • Hard to bite on as the load exertion is high
  • Potential to damage the underlying natural teeth or implant
2000's: Customised Ceramic
  • The metals were covered with tooth-coloured ceramics
  • Feel unnatural with a metallic after taste
  • The repairs are almost impossible
  • Damages the underlying natural teeth or implant
2005's: Latest Zirconia Metal
  • Metals were replaced by Zirconia and covered with ceramics
  • Zirconia has good aesthetics but exerts heavy load on bone
  • The repairs are almost impossible
  • Damages the underlying natural teeth or implant.
2015's: Shock Absorbing SAPTeeth
  • Repairable at the chairside
  • Look and feel natural
  • 9X times lighter in weight
  • Exerts less load on bone
  • Can be fabricated and replaced in one sitting
  • Have been tested in vivo for 18+ years
  • Protects underlying natural teeth and implant

Options in SAPTeethTM

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This is a wrong question to ask. The correct question should be, ‘Is it of value to spend on root canal and crown?’

The correct answer to this would be that prevention is better and also the most cost effective way for your teeth.

A root canal can be avoided altogether if you visit your dentist regularly and get the recommended fluoridation and fillings on time. In case where the cavity is very deep and root canal is the only option besides extraction, then lets compare:

Root Canal Therapy + Crown or the alternate is extraction + implant + crown. It is obvious that the latter would be more expensive.

Now, you might think why do I need implant, lets just remove it and not replace.

In that case, you shall only pay for the extraction now which would be cheaper. But, you should be aware of the consequences.

Loss of one tooth would result in the opposing tooth and the neighbouring tooth to migrate into that space. Which in-turn would cause food lodgement and bone loss. This would eventually lead to loss of teeth. Slowly, as a consequence in a matter of few years multiple or even complete loss of teeth would result.

Therefore in the long run, it is always of value to save ones teeth from extraction and do a root canal therapy with crown.

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SAPTeethTM are a group of highly advanced polymers which are specially made to protect the bone, implant and the natural tooth under it. SAPTeethTM means Shock Absorbable Permanent Teeth. Our natural teeth have a hardness of about 350 mpa to 450 mpa. Ceramic or porcelain or zirconia teeth are very hard compare to natural teeth. Their hardness usually ranges between 2000 to 4500 mpa. We never had an ideal material for making artificial teeth in dentistry. Ceramic was the nearest choice. Ceramic had its own disadvantages. After the revolutionary development of materials like HIPC and PEEK; life has changed dramatically. The hardness of teeth made in HIPC with PEEK framework gives almost the same hardness as natural teeth. The load transmission on gums ligaments and bone is lesser than natural teeth. This keeps our gums and bone and even opposite natural teeth healthy.

SAPTeethTM is a polymer in dentistry which is non-metallic. They apply 24 to 149 times less strain on the bone than the alternates. They can be completed on the same day and if required then repaired also on the same day. They are 8 – 10 times lighter than the counterparts.

Ceramic/Zirconia and other metals are comparatively hard and would grind the opposite natural teeth. Traditional metals do not absorb any eating/chewing load. Rather it transmits the entire load to the gums ligaments and the bone. This possibly and eventually results in damage to the gums and bone. In conditions like bruxism (night grinding of teeth), eating of hard things like supari, pan, corn etc. the load transmission and consequential damages to gums ligaments and bone is still higher. Incase of diabetes and other debilitating diseases the consequential damages would be still higher. Incase of infection; the consequential damages are further increased. But due to non availability of better material in dentistry dental surgeons across the globe had no choice but to use ceramic. As far as patients are concerned they are happy to have ceramic teeth as they can put higher loads but eventually when there is damage to gums ligaments and bone the ceramic teeth have to be removed and replaced by treatment of gums and bone. This is very painful experience; physically and mentally and also in terms of time and money.

In case of fracture, or chipping of SAPTeethTM they can be repaired within a few minutes on the dental chair itself. In case of repeated fractures, 1 tooth on each side of the fracture needs to be replaced which can also be done on the same day.

With this technology the life of natural teeth gets enhanced, success of implants and other dental treatments also increase significantly. Repairs and retreatment are comfortable if needed. These teeth may be little expensive but over a long period would be more beneficial physically and mentally and also in terms of time and money. Royal Dental; in India has entire facility in-house and is able to impart the services of fixing teeth in one day in most cases.

SAPTeethTM is available with International Institute of Dental Research Pvt Ltd, India. And, it is practiced by Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai.

A root canal is a treatment of the pulp of the tooth that is inflamed, infected, or dead. The dental pulp is a soft substance in the center of the tooth that consists of the nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue. The pulp chamber is the hollow part in the center of the tooth that contains the pulp, and it continues down canals that extend through the roots of teeth and into the surrounding bone. Some roots have more than one root canal, but all have at least one canal.

The following are some of the most common symptoms that of an infected tooth:

  • Tenderness at the bottom of the root
  • Pain in response to heat and cold that lasts several minutes
  • A tooth that hurts to bite on
  • Spontaneous pain from no apparent trigger
  • Chronic bad breath or a foul taste in mouth
  • Pimple-like sore on the gums
  • Tooth darkens
  • Fever

Many people think pain is the main symptom of an infected tooth, but it doesn’t always hurt. Sometimes it hurts, then the pain stops because the affected nerve has died, which means that the condition is more serious, not less.

To come back to your original question of the time taken for a root canal treatment, most root canals in our clinic are treated in one visit in matter of 90 minutes or less. The exceptions are extremely infected teeth, complications from the procedure, and complex cases. It may not always be possible for every practise to do it in one day as this requires, specialised training, equipments, assistance and multiple dental chair practise.

For a root canal treatment, there are three basic steps. First is opening the canal, second is cleaning and shaping of the canal, and finally is sealing the canal. For one teeth it may take around 15 to 60 mins but this time is considerably reduced when treating multiple teeth together.

After root canal therapy has been completed, it is usually necessary to place a crown over the tooth for protection. With our state of the art technology and equipment, we can design, mill and fabricate your new crown in about an hour. Your entire procedure will be completed in ONE DAY itself.

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Other alternate include zirconia, ceramic and metal prosthesis. These prosthesis have various drawbacks, including non-repairability, hard on the bone, ageing concerns, loss of strength with time, increased stress on bone.

As SAPTeethTM are shock absorbable, very easily repairable in the mouth itself, they do not age with time and provide the best solution possible for weaker bone. These teeth act like shock absorbers similar to shock absorbers in your car. In absence of shock absorbers your car suspension would get damaged in no time. Same is the case in natural teeth. The technology of making teeth is also revolutionised.

SAPTeethTM have the heat transmission capability almost as close to the body as available today. Hence, during eating they look and feel natural. They are available in all the shades of the natural teeth and hence it can be accurately matched.

The hardness of teeth made in HIPC with PEEK framework gives almost the same hardness as natural teeth. This is the extreme benefit of this SAPTeethTM technology.

The maximum wear time warranty for SAPTeethTM is 9 to 18 years.

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