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About SAPTeethTM

SAPTeethTM is a group of highly specialised polymers; specially made to protect the bone, implant, or natural tooth. Research shows ceramic, porcelain, Ni-Cr, and Zirconia Crown teeth exert about 24 to 149 times more stress on bone than SAPTeethTM. This difference is due to the shock-absorbing capability of these polymers. Therefore, in patients with weak bone or low calcium, SAPTeethTM is recommended over conventional prosthesis. The best part is that they are customised to recreate your smile perfectly. And, that too in a matter of a few hours.

SAPTeethTM is surpassed by nature itself. It has been developed specifically for intra-oral use. Royal Dental Clinics has been using advanced polymers for over a decade. By adding a special glaze to these polymers, one will surely get perplexed between natural and SAPTeethTM. This innovative material forms the basis for both fixed and removable implant frameworks

Benefits of SAPTeethTM

SAPTeethTM shows no longer any reason to resort to traditional Dental Crown materials such as metal, ceramic or zirconia for restorations. These plastics offer significant benefits in aesthetics, processing, cost-efficiency, durability and patient acceptance. They offer a win-win situation for both patients and their care team. The restoration does not need to be exchanged after 6 months, which leads to optimum healing results. Cost and time saving for both the patient and the dentist.

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What Are SAPTeeth
What Are SAPTeethTM?
Same Day SAPTeethTM
Why are my teeth breaking
Your SAPTeethTM Smile

Our Latest Research Findings

We believe in contributing beauty to the world. Crafting beautiful smiles with the latest Tooth Prosthesis techniques helps us complete our artistic pursuit. The in-house laboratory at Royal Dental Clinics enables Dr Chirag Chamria and his team to exact a tremendous amount of oversight in the customisation process of Tooth Crown. This significantly reduces turn around time and allows unparalleled access between the ceramists and patients. Today, with the latest research being carried out by various International giants in the Dental Crown industry, certain high-performance polymers provide an innovative way of treatment. Whilst simultaneously offering a success-oriented, efficient, and capable solution.

Based on the referenced research, it can be concluded that Ceramic Crown teeth, Porcelain teeth, Ni-Cr metal teeth, and Titanium teeth; exert stress on the bone about 24 to 149 times. This difference results in the Shock Absorbable Capacity of the polymers when compared to other materials. The implant and jaw bone is relaxed under the Dental Crown made in these polymers compared to other materials. Especially in patients with weak bone or low calcium percentage, these advanced polymers are recommended.

Welcome to SAPTeethTM - Your Path to Modern Dental Care

At SAPTeethTM, we're committed to revolutionising the dental care experience using cutting-edge technology and personalised approaches. Our mission is to make dental care more efficient, comfortable, and accessible for everyone. Explore our services, learn about our innovative methods, and discover how SAPTeethTM is transforming smiles and lives.

At SAPTeethTM, we blend the art and science of dentistry with the power of technology. Our team of experienced dentists and specialists is dedicated to providing comprehensive oral care that prioritises your comfort, health, and aesthetic goals. With a focus on innovation, we integrate the latest advancements in dentistry to ensure a seamless experience and exceptional results.

Our Services

  • Digital Smile Design (DSD): Using digital technology, we create a customised smile makeover plan that aligns with your unique facial features and preferences.
  • Teledentistry: Experience virtual consultations and follow-ups, allowing you to connect with our experts from the comfort of your home.
  • 3D Imaging: Our advanced imaging techniques provide detailed insights into your oral health, aiding in accurate diagnoses and treatment planning.
  • Same-Day Restorations: Benefit from efficient and convenient dental restorations, including crowns and veneers, crafted using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology.

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Reduce the risk of damage to your teeth

Choose SAPTeethTM over Other Materials

The best part of SAPTeethTM is that they are customised to recreate your smile perfectly. And that too in a matter of a few hours. They are low maintenance and do everything traditional metal, Ceramic Crown, and Zirconia Crown couldn’t.

Another benefit of these polymers is that they can be easily repaired in the mouth within a few minutes. In case of an underlying tooth or bone infection, the entire single-piece bridge need not be removed. In most cases, only the relevant part can be treated and refurbished with Tooth Prosthesis on the dental chair itself in a limited time. Each team member works behind the same philosophy of offering our patients a unique smile. At Royal Dental Clinics, we have inferred that in many patients, even with the 0.5yw polymers, the complete wear-off takes almost 2 to 5 years. However, in a few cases depending upon their habits like eating pan, supari, smoking, bruxism etc., the wear-off time is less than 6 months.

If you want a tooth that is as strong and natural as possible, then you should invest in SAPTeethTM.

Removable or fixed bridges
Single or multilayer teeth
Gingival compatibility is great
Ceramic ages whereas SAPTeethTM do not age
Fewer complaints when compared with conventional Tooth Prosthesis
Chairside repairs are simple; within a few minutes

Where Technology meets Precision

RDL's research and development led to using high-performance polymers years ago. They have found innovative ways of providing patients with the best possible Tooth Crown treatment from the beginning, offering them success-oriented, efficient and capable solutions for their Tooth Prosthesis.

These materials show no longer any reason to merely resort to traditional materials such as metal, ceramic or zirconia for the indications cited. SAPTeethTM are plastics that benefit aesthetics, processing, durability and patient acceptance. They offer a win-win situation for patients seeking Dental Crown treatment and the doctors providing the solution.

Advanced Consultation with 3D imaging and scanning of the impressions

Once you have decided on the Tooth Crown treatment, the doctors will send the impressions, x-rays and other diagnostic data to the laboratory. Based on the requirement, the laboratory shall prepare a diagnostic plan.

High-resolution virtual design of the required dental treatment surface

After about 30 minutes, we are ready with the virtual simulations and models for your treatment. This helps the doctor and the team to plan the case and execute predictably.

Automated customised fabrication of teeth & prosthesis (Designing & Milling)

Once we receive the final impressions, a complete digital workflow is followed to ensure reduced errors and human contact. With the help of advanced software and CAD-CAM technology, your new teeth are milled in the desired material. It takes about 15 minutes of fabrication time per tooth.

Hygiene and Quality checks for every milled tooth or framework

Every Tooth Prosthesis we make is thoroughly examined and checked by an expert dental technician. Final touches are given, and the teeth are cleaned thoroughly before placing them in the patient's mouth.

Straightening & Beautification of Teeth on the same day

The doctors receive the prosthesis, which is checked again in the mouth. Using the special CemResin, the prosthesis is fixed in the patient's mouth. Regular care and maintenance of the Tooth Prosthesis ensure long-term success.

Dental Crown

Your Dental Prosthesis without Harm

Your Dental Prosthesis
without Harm

The most advanced material for the crowns is called SAPTeethTM. They exert less stress on the bone, due to their shock-absorbing properties.

Polymer Crowns Protect Bone from Stress

Polymer Crowns Protect Bone
from Stress

SAPTeethTM is specially made to protect the bone, implant, and natural teeth under the prosthesis. They exert 24 to 149 times more shock absorbing than the traditional ceramic, zirconia artificial teeth.

Smile with SAPTeethTM

Don’t just take our word for it, download the brochure here.
Protect your jaw with a 24 to 149 times reduction in load when compared ceramic zirconia.
No need to wait for months to get a new smile; get SAPTeethTM smile in one day.
Repair is simple and easy and can be completed in few minutes.
SAPTeethTM is more than 9X times lighter than the conventional artificial teeth.

Characteristics of Advanced SAPTeethTM

History of SAPTeethTM

1980's: The Acrylic Ruled
  • Very high wear and tear functionality
  • May turn yellow over few years
  • Only indicated as a temporary material or in dentures
1990's: Rising Metal Crowns
  • Gold, chrome-cobalt were commonly used
  • Strong but aesthetics are artificial
  • Hard to bite on as the load exertion is high
  • Potential to damage the underlying natural teeth or implant
2000's: Customised Ceramic
  • The metals were covered with tooth-coloured ceramics
  • Feel unnatural with a metallic after taste
  • The repairs are almost impossible
  • Damages the underlying natural teeth or implant
2005's: Latest Zirconia Metal
  • Metals were replaced by Zirconia and covered with ceramics
  • Zirconia has good aesthetics but exerts heavy load on bone
  • The repairs are almost impossible
  • Damages the underlying natural teeth or implant.
2015's: Shock Absorbing SAPTeeth
  • Repairable at the chairside
  • Look and feel natural
  • 9X times lighter in weight
  • Exerts less load on bone
  • Can be fabricated and replaced in one sitting
  • Have been tested in vivo for 18+ years
  • Protects underlying natural teeth and implant

Options in SAPTeethTM

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A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a damaged or weakened tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. It is used in dental treatment to protect and strengthen a tooth that has undergone significant decay, fracture, or has undergone root canal therapy, as well as to improve the aesthetics of misshapen or discolored teeth.

If your dental crown becomes loose or damaged, it is essential to contact your dentist as soon as possible. Avoid trying to fix it yourself and refrain from chewing on the affected tooth until your dentist can examine and address the issue to prevent further damage or complications.

Dental crowns typically last between 10 to 15 years or even longer with proper care and maintenance, such as regular dental check-ups, good oral hygiene practices, and avoiding habits like teeth grinding or chewing on hard objects.

SAPTeethTM is a group of highly specialized polymers; specially made to protect the bone, implant, or natural tooth. Research shows that ceramic, porcelain, Ni-Cr, and Zirconia teeth exert about 24 to 149 times more stress on bone as compared to SAPTeethTM. This difference is due to the shock absorbing capability of these polymers. Therefore, in patients with weak bone or low calcium, SAPTeethTM are recommended over conventional prosthesis. The best part of these is that they are customized to perfectly re-create your smile. And, that too in a matter of few hours.

A zirconia crown is a type of dental crown made from a durable and biocompatible material called zirconia, known for its strength and natural tooth-like appearance. Unlike traditional dental crowns that may contain metals, zirconia crowns are metal-free, making them an excellent choice for patients with metal allergies or those seeking an aesthetically pleasing restoration.

DSD is an advanced technique that uses digital imaging to create a customised smile makeover plan. It allows you to visualise the potential results before undergoing any procedures.

Teledentistry enables you to have virtual consultations with our dental experts. You can discuss concerns, receive advice, and even get treatment updates without visiting the clinic in person.

Yes, same-day restorations crafted using CAD/CAM technology are designed to be durable and long-lasting, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

Yes, SAPTeeth's innovative approach benefits individuals of all ages. Our services cater to a wide range of dental needs and goals.

Scheduling an appointment is easy. Simply visit our website or give us a call. Our friendly staff will assist you in selecting a convenient time for your visit.

Absolutely. We believe in providing personalised care that addresses your unique concerns and goals. Our treatment plans are tailored to your individual needs.

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